Upstairs at the Black Dog

Co-Working Space

The original idea for the Co-Working space upstairs has its roots from not too many years ago and it started with one of my daughters and her new husband. They left Indiana to start their careers down in Florida. My daughter was a graduate student and her husband was a young entrepreneur just trying to build something where there was nothing before. They were young and broke. If I remember correctly, even their rent for the first couple months was paid by credit card.  Austin stumbled upon an old fire station in downtown St Petersburg just down the way from their place.It was a shared space used by many different types of people that needed a place to work, to build and to dream, that did not involve a long lease and big money to setup. For a couple of hundred bucks a month, he rented a tiny corner of that space, put in an old green painted desk and a lockable file cabinet and started his business. About ten feet away were three guys with their own old desks that were starting a software company…around the corner was someone else and in every corner of his big old building were people, young and older, that were trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. It was a beautiful old building, well restored but carefully designed to keep the Legacy of its former life and what had set empty for what amounted to many years was reborn with a purpose.Well, when I saw this concept and I realized the incredible opportunity it created by my son, I fell in love with it. Now our Co-Working space is not near as nice, not near as well funded. However we did build something where there was nothing and we hope to inspire many new entrepreneurs to pursue their dream. Stop in and take a look at our shared workspace and see if it will work for you. 


Our Incubator offers a shared workspace that connects new businesses with our community.

Cost is $150/Mo with All Utilities included.

For a tour or more information,please fill out the form.

For quickest reponse please call us at (574) 722-4133

Thank you.
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